Sunday, 8 August 2010

Greetings from India

Hello everyone and sorry for the delay.Currently I am volunteering with The Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation in Darjeeling. Our fundraiser was a great success and I want to thank everyone, especially all my friends and the Tibet Relief Fund who helped so much.We raised 500GBP but gave 200GPB of that to the Yushu earthquake relief fund as so many Tibetan people in Jyekundo needed help !
We are continuing to raise money so every donation is welcome !!
Thank you so much : )A few months ago a Tibetan reporter interviewed Pujah about the project and it was shown on Chinese television.I am currently waiting on an English translation but for now this is the original Tibetan version.
The tragic news of flooding in Pakistan and Ladakh makes the reforestation of Tibet even more urgent !!
Please continue to support us and Trees for Tibet.

Documentary Trees for Tibet Part 2

Documentary Trees for Tibet Part 1

Monday, 12 April 2010

Trees for Tibet fundraiser London

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Donation from The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

I want to thank everyone at this organization, especially Maria who contacted me, for their extremely generous donation of 250GBP. I want to praise the work of organizations like this and Friends of the Trees, who go unnoticed but who have been the most generous and kind in their replies to me and support.Thank you.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

A magical short film showing the importance of trees against climate change,

The film is a magical tale about a young boy who finds the solution to Global Warming from a monk in the mountains.

The film was shot in the remote ice desert region of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India (Bordering Tibet).The entire cast was from Kaaza, a small town in Spiti Valley. The film was made possible by Spitiecosphere, an NGO based out of Spiti.

The UN environment program picked up this film for their Billion Tree campaign.

The main intention of this film is to spread the message of how fast Global warming is impacting fragile ecosystems. Instead of choosing to spread the message in the form of a documentary, which has limited audience, we chose to make a fairy tale. To present the problem and a possible solution in the form of a fable which would appeal to people across age groups and countries.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Amazingly generous donation for Trees for Tibet !!

I want to especially thank Paul and Fred from the Friends of the Trees organization who donated 346 GBP, it is so generous and I am really grateful. Please look at the work they do -
Also Sam Winston who donated 100 GBP to plant trees in Tibet.He lives with my friend and made this donation the first time he ever met me ! Again I am in awe of his generosity and goodness because he believed in this cause and his belief in non attachment to money.
Iam still collecting donations but their donations will mean we have raised more than 1000GBP !!! More than I ever expected, so thank you very much again.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tree Planting in Tibet- A poem by Jampa Dorje

Hi I found this online and really liked it, it is a sad truth about the destruction of Tibet's trees and Tibetan peoples mission to replant them .Thought it was quite apt for the Trees for Tibet Project in Amdo.Also really well written !

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Rounding up the donations

Hi, now that I am back I need to start collecting all the sponsorship money for Trees for Tibet. When I do it will be at least £800 and Iam still waiting on more donations.
So will keep you posted on the amount. Thanks everyone.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Thanks to Paul Greenwood of 'Friends of the Trees 'who included details of out trek for Trees for Tibet in a letter to all their members.

Dear Friends
We hope you and your most beloved trees are all OK in these strange and often difficult times. Our time has been disrupted too but the charity, unlike many others who have grown too quickly and face too many outgoing expenses, is safe and in better shape than ever.
We have to mention a sad truth, however, and that is most members have forgotten all about the annual membership fee and donations from supporters have been few. From one single generous donor in Germany we receive more per year than from all British members and supporters together. That's not an issue, however, we never wanted to hassle anybody. But, if some of you would like to….? And in the knowledge that our bank, Triodos of Bristol, England is currently the “World’s Most Sustainable Bank”?
A little more income could be quite crucial to further success in achieving our aims, objectives and supporting people like Fiona Sheahan; who is currently completing an 800km walk across northern Spain to raise money for planting trees in the Amdo region of Tibet. Replanting of 40,000 trees per year for the next 5 years is vital to combat desertification and land erosion threatening villages in the area. £1.00 buys 10 trees so the maths are simple. In 2006 Fiona helped the community, via fundraising in Ireland, in meeting that target. But it has been a struggle since, with villagers taking out loans to pay for the trees; money it’s difficult for them to repay.
We have already agreed a donation - but no amount as yet as we are awaiting further details in the next few weeks about the full extent of the needs of the community. If anyone wishes to donate directly contact If you don't have internet access: Barclays Bank, Acc Name : Fiona Catherine Sheahan, Acc no. - 43936686, Sort Code: 209655, IBAN- GB72 BARC 2096 5543 9366 86, BIC- BARCGB22. Alternatively, anyone thinking of making a donation to us too could save time by including some for Fiona and stating how much. Our total donation, including any received from members, will be decided at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 4th October 2009 at Stroud in Gloucester and sent the week after.

Best wishes
Paul Greenwood, Secretary.

'Trees for Tibet' comes to Santiago

The people who gave us the energy to walk 42km in one day ! !The last day of Trees for Tibet Trek